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Maintenance Services
Seal Coating

Greatly prolongs the life of your asphalt and provides the following benefits:
- A protective coating over an asphalt driveway or lot
- Made up of emulsified asphalt, water, mineral fillers
- Seal coat is applied directly to existing surface
- Protects asphalt from effects of water, sun, oil and chemicals
- Provides a perfect surface for parking lot striping
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Crack Repair
‚ÄčRecommended repairs are:
- Protection against water damage
- Hairline crack less than a 1/4 inch = sealed with seal coat
- Cracks 1/4 to 1 inch = sealed with rubber sealant
- Larger than 2 inches = cut out and new asphalt installed
Asphalt Repair

- Asphalt patching consists of R&R's and Surface Patching
- R&R asphalt is saw cut around edges, asphalt removed from infected area and new asphalt installed
- Surface Patching consists of applying top coat and new hot asphalt on top of old surface
Completed repair and seal coated apartment
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Dear Asphalt Restoration Services,
The Basketball & Tennis Courts look AMAZING. Thanks for the great job on both the parking lot and courts.


Saratoga Apartments